Loving the outdoors and all things green, from a young age Fieke was drawn to the forest and its gifts; observing wild mushrooms was without a doubt her favourite activity. Intrigued about our living microbiomes and always in the process of a new fermentation experiment! 

With a big passion for herbal medicine and a dream to one day support a community as a herbal practitioner, Fieke has been emerging into the fascinating plant world through Wild Rose College of Natural healing, and currently enrolled in the Holistic herbalism advanced clinical program & medicine immersion program offered at Emery Herbals’ teaching center. With much respect towards her teachers and mentors. Fieke does not entitle herself as a herbal practitioner, but is very dedicated to pursue her dream in becoming one in the future. During her time spent in the Swiss Alps she offered weekly herb walks and medicine making workshops in a way to share her passion with whoever interested in this beautiful world of healing plants.